• Mindfulness for Change Hui #2

    December 2nd-4th, Brookfield Scout Camp, Wainuiomata, Wellington


    Connecting people passionate about mindfulness

    to co-create social and environmental change


    We want to unleash the potential of mindfulness to drive positive social and environmental change.


    We believe that mindfulness can empower people to make the changes our world so desperately needs. How can the cultivation of mindfulness, empathy and compassion help us not only with our individual, organisational and communal wellbeing, but also to solve some of the biggest problems we face as a global interconnected civilisation?


    In August, 40 of us gathered together at Riverslea Retreat to explore this question together. The result was magical - you can read the story of one contributor's experience of the weekend here.


    Now it's time for Round 2: Another weekend focused on mindfulness, connection, and a heartfelt intention to bring something into being that will help the earth in this time of need. This hui will be a co-created experience, building on the Open Space principles utilised in the first weekend, so that the things that want and need to happen can happen. We are open to all comers, whether you came to the first weekend or are joining us for the first time - what matters is your heartfelt intention and willingness to be present.


    This programme is a prototype and will be held flexibly throughout the weekend - its major feature is openness, which will allow space for us to co-create the weekend together.


    Friday is all about deepening our connections and setting the framework and kawa (groundrules) for how we want to be together over the weekend.


    3.30 Welcome! Arrive, relax and explore

    4.00 Check-in

    6.30 Dinner

    8.00 Kawa/Groundrules: How do we want to be together for the weekend?

    9.00 Campfire/guitars


    On Saturday we'll practice how we would like to be in the world as a network, all following our own paths and what we feel energy for, whether that's connecting, meditating, working on projects, having discussions around how to grow the network, or something else entirely.


    7.00 Exercise, meditation (or a sleep-in)


    9.00 Whanau group check-in

    9.30 Big group agenda setting

    10.00 Open Space Sessions

    12.00 Lunch

    1.00 Open Space Sessions

    5.00 Big group reporting back


    7.00 Social time


    Sunday is a chance to bring the previous day's exploration to a more refined place, a process of sharpening our insight into what wants to be done/lived (or not) following on from the hui, and making agreements that need to be made as a network and with any groups that have formed through the weekend.


    7.00 Group meditation / silent bush walk / sleep-in


    9.00 Whanau group check-in

    9.30 Decision-making

    11.30 Free time


    1.00 Checkout

    3.30 Goodbyes!


    It's for you. This community is about connecting through purpose - you want to see more compassion, empathy, and mindful action in the world, whatever your profession is. If you don't fit into one of the boxes below, don't worry, we don't really like boxes anyway.

    Social changemakers

    People who care about the world

    Whatever you're doing in life, you want to make a difference. Perhaps you work in healthcare or mental health, you're a public servant trying to change the system from the inside, or a businessperson interested in the potential of social enterprise to make change.

    Mindfulness practitioners

    You live and breathe mindfulness

    You're on a mission to spread compassion and acceptance through mindfulness and related pratices (yogis we're looking at you). Perhaps you run mindfulness programmes and are looking for new connections, or perhaps you're more one for living by example and benefiting others through your presence.

    Community builders

    You believe in the power of community

    It can be hard to make meaningful friendships with like-minded people. The hui will give you a chance to dig deep into what makes other awesome people tick.


    Your artistic flair brings joy to people's lives

    You want to use your creative ability - whether that's in design, fine art, tech, public speaking or theatre - to spread love and compassion around the world.


    We're fortunate to have the services of Purpose Partners, a group of highly aligned facilitators who bring experience in co-created, emergent experiences and conscious ways of organising.



    I am a skilled, and always-learning, participatory process host and steward of the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter. My favourite work is in the fire of co-creation, hosting and participating with people who are seeking wise solutions to complex problems.

    I want to learn and practice the compassion I think we need to live in harmony, with each other and the Earth, and hold space for others to also.



    I am enjoying, with my partners, work that helps organisations and communities to discover their purpose and learn about new ways of being and working in the world, and improving and deepening their practice in every way.

    In my work I seek to engage people well to find their own solutions, so that they and their organisations can be integral parts of thriving communities.



    I’m a skilled participatory process designer, host and harvester, having trained and practiced internationally, with diverse groups. I believe in people having a voice in what matters to them, and in a more human way of learning, living and working together. My deeply held values are nourishing myself, others and the planet, and I want to work with others who also want to build on what’s working, and help shift what’s not.


    Brookfield Scout Camp

    Beautiful venue in nature

    The Brookfield Scout Camp has hosted community groups for decades, and provides a pleasant outdoor setting with minimal distance between us and the natural surroundings.

    Delicious, locally sourced food

    seasonal organic food prepared with love

    We are passionate about providing nourishing food to those doing awesome work within

    our community. We enjoy connecting with those whom we catering for.

    Outdoor activities on offer

    make the most of break times

    There is plenty to do: canoe, swim in the pool, use the confidence course, the flying fox, orienteer, or try a number of bush walks. Bring your guitar and sing around the fire in the evening!


    Tickets are available through SuchCrowd - $295 for waged, $180 unwaged. Follow the link below to view and purchase tickets. All revenue from ticket sales goes towards the event costs itself, the weekend is being run as a not-for-profit event.


    We'd love to hear any questions or comments!